Today is a regular day at the office. You sit down; you start drinking your coffee, and you thought that today you would finally get to work on some new projects, think the strategy for your products and plan the Company's activity for the rest of the year. You were wrong. You start to get phone calls; you need to solve some problems that you were just told about, and you have some new meetings today that you didn't expect to come. The next thing you know is that outside is dark, and your watch says 7 P.M.


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When you create a new contact or a new Company in Zimplu CRM, you have some fields that you need to fill before introducing the particular item into your Zimplu Database. Sometimes you need more information about a contact. For example, if you are a Company that sells GPSs you may need to know how many cars does a potential Customer have, and a good Custom Field would be "Cars" or "Number of Cars." You can also add Custom Fields to Tasks, Support Tickets or Opportunities.

Learn how to create your Custom Fields in Zimplu CRM:

We want our customers to be able to work with Zimplu as soon as possible, and the database they already have can easily be imported into their Zimplu CRM account. Imagine you have a spreadsheet with all of your contacts and information. You just created an account, but you have a big problem, your database is empty. Thanks to this feature, all of your contacts from the spreadsheet can be in your Zimplu CRM database in just a few seconds.

Learn how to Import Your Database in Zimplu:

In Zimplu CRM after you create an account, you have the choice to create new Users depending on what kind of subscription you have. The New User can be an Administrator, just to the main User, or it can be a regular User with fundamental rights. Why do you need more users? A new user means one more person that can access your database. You can assign User Names for all of your employees. As you probably know, in Zimplu CRM you have three kinds of Subscriptions: Lite, Pro, and Premium. If you choose Lite, you can have 5 Users maximum, and you will have 20 Users maximum and 50 Users for Premium.

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Every era of business yields new strategies and new ways of doing business. With the advent of radio and television came the first mass-market advertising. Now, the Internet has so radically changed business that the rules for a corporate strategy that held for the last 50 years (since the dawn of television) have begun to crumble, says Business Town.


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