Supply Chain Management is the set of methods and techniques through which the tracking and coordination of material, information, and financial flows are made on the provider-organization-consumer path together with the information system which supports it.


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Virtual Organization is a group of manufacturing companies located in different places, working together in a distributed environment to achieve a particular objective, substantially remodeling its involved activities, focused on the generation and use of knowledge which takes place between intense communication processes corresponding to certain standards and using substantial new information and communication technologies.


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Systemic approach to Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial phenomenon reflects itself by taking in consideration of the interferece with the Business Environment involved. Starting points in this method is generally knowing and understanding the concept of Business Environment. When we talk about Business Environment we designate all the company's exogenous elements of economical nature, managerial, technical, demografics etc. that marks a significant progress and results of the activities.

Business Environment

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We like Zimplu CRM to be easy to use, but we also want it to be flexible, that's why we created Contact Groups and Custom Fields. Nexus Electronics used to work with other CRM, and we had a problem differing the existing Clients from the contacts who were not our Clients. To solve this issue we used to write in the Contact Name "Existing Client" so we could know if the Contact was already our Client. We always wanted to Group our Contacts so we won't have to write other stuff in the Contact Name Field.

Contact Groups will help you assign your Contacts to different Groups, and it doesn't have to be Existing Clients or Potential Clients, it can also be Banks, Transport Companies or anything else.

This video will show you how to Create Contact Groups in Zimplu CRM.

One of the features that Zimplu CRM offers is Support Tickets. Support Tickets are used to inform your employees or your co-workers about a problem that appeared for the Company or one of your Clients. Let's say that you own a Software Company, and a Client has a problem with the product he just bought, he will probably contact the salesperson who offered the product in the first place. It's obvious that the seller won't be able to solve an IT problem so what the sales person will do in this situation is to write a support ticket and assign it to the right person or a group of individuals in the company that can solve this kind of problem for the Client. You can also write a support ticket and assign it to yourself; this will help you remember you have to solve a problem.

Learn How to Create a Support Ticket in Zimplu CRM:

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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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