Creating IT Systems is possible by covering methodological steps with a defined content that should be based on several methodological principles that need to be respected starting with the analysis stage and ending with the commissioning of each System.

Management team

The methodological principles are outlined in the following sequence:

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Starting from today, any NGO can use Zimplu CRM for free. To use Zimplu CRM for free, visit, create an account and let us know you are a Nonprofit Organization so we can provide you full access to the service.  Group at the same time.



If you ask yourself how can an NGO use Zimplu CRM, the answer is pretty simple? If a company needs Zimplu CRM for the Sales Team, an NGO can use Zimplu CRM for the Fundraising department. In this case, we are not talking about Customers anymore; we are talking about Sponsors.

Nonprofit Organizations are part of our everyday life, even if most of us don't realize this, and we are more than happy to help them.

 Knowledge Management System ( KMS ) consists of a set of methods and techniques with which Knowledge Management processes can be operated, including document retrieval solutions, expertise databases, discussion lists and search engines.



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When Nexus Electronics created Zimplu CRM, the first thing that they had in mind was to create a straightforward and fast CRM that will make salespersons work quicker and more efficient.

Shortcuts help users use Zimplu fast and finish their job quick. Instead of browsing through all the tabs and sections to get somewhere, you can just press a small button (a shortcut) that will get you directly where you want.

Find out more about the Shortcuts in Zimplu CRM by watching this video:

There was a time when Sales Managers were asking employees to forward him all the Emails they sent to Customers; that's ridiculous, and it might be hard to believe that some of them are still doing this. Either way, there is a simple reason for asking this thing, Sales Managers and other co-workers need to know what they talked about a customer and more important than that is how they spoke to the client, how was the message transmitted.

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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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