The key to building a system of referrals is the feedback received from your clients. It’s the most valuable asset that can lead you to choose the suitable ones to talk about the advantages of the product they use.

Because they used the product or service for a while, they can guarantee benefits and, of course, they can tell people about the ups and downs. Overall, the individuals that make referrals are the ones that were satisfied with the services and products delivered.

Chain of referrals

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Do you ever wonder what happens when a salesperson heads towards a meeting with a (possible) client? What funny stories does he experience starting from the moment he leaves the office until arriving back?


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Promoting the right people in leadership positions will help you increase sales and your power as a brand. Besides business “know how”, let’s see what other qualities you should look for when entrusting someone to guide a group of people in your company.


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The purpose of every call is generating new clients and selling them what they need, according to their requirements. The job of a telesales person is not complete until having effective and quantifiable results. Therefore, they should have in mind the following tips and tricks:


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Emotional intelligence represents a unique personality characteristic for people and is considered a high point for developing a better business relationship. Choosing the right people for specific jobs is probably the hardest part of the business. You can invest a lot of money in an individual who is not suitable for the job and you will see how the incomes of the company will slow you down.


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