The way you can group companies, contacts, opportunities, tasks, or opportunities in Zimplu is unique. Every group you create is like a tag, so if you have a company in your database which is a supplier and a customer at the same time, you can assign that company to the Customers group and Suppliers group at the same time. You insert the Customers and Suppliers tag for the same company. What will happen is that when you will select the Suppliers group, all of the suppliers will be listed, including this company, and when you will choose the Customers group, all the customers will be listed, including this company. You may watch this tutorial video on how to create groups in Zimplu.




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We decided to make a change in the Plans and Pricing which we believe will fit the needs of our customers better. Some may consider this as an advantage, and some may take into account it a disadvantage, but when we usually make a change, we are looking to satisfy the general needs of the companies who use Zimplu CRM.

Modify your plan


We thought a lot about this change, and we are sure that most of you will be happy with the new Plans and Pricing list. There has also been a lot of effort in making the payment method easy to use and to correctly match PayPal, and taxes like VAT.

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Zimplu CRM released a new feature which enables us to set the location of a Company or a Contact on the map.



This is very useful if you want to have a view of how you are standing in contacting leads in particular regions, or it can give you an idea of where you have a strong influence and where you don't.

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"-Hi, I'm calling from ABC company, my name is XYZ, and I wanted to talk to you about one of our products.
-Hi, you just called me 3 hours ago, we already talked about what your company has to offer, remember?
-I'm not sure we talked before.
-Sure we did, you said you are calling from ABC company, right?"



This is the kind of phone call that will embarrass your sales agents, and will make your company look bad in the eyes of your customers/prospects. This is one of the main reasons why sales managers start using a CRM system; they want to avoid their co-workers not knowing what others do and who did they talk to. It's like your left hand has no idea what your right-hand does, so you lose control.

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Setting up a Lead Nurturing program will help your sales team generate more revenues for your business using the same amount of contacts.

lead nurturing


However, not having a lead nurturing strategy will eventually result in sales leads leaking out of the sales pipeline/process and these things happen because managers these days tend to take more time in purchasing, and they somehow feel more responsible considering the current economic status. More information helps because it also provides more security for the decision maker and helps him be more confident when choosing to work with you.

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