There are so many possibilities to gain new leads for your sales department, just think about the multitude of marketing channels at your disposal: email marketing, telemarketing, direct mailing, social media, online advertising and so many others.


You probably already use some, but which marketing channel generates more conversions, brings back most revenues and is better fitted for your company? If you could answer this question, directing the marketing budget towards the right channels will be a piece of cake.

Let's see how Zimplu CRM can help you in this particular matter. To illustrate, we created a dummy database:

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Are You Ready for the Bomb? Zimplu is ready to launch the bomb. A new big update is coming up with a major design change that will make your work even easier.

time for change pic

We revolutionized the way task management is done with fewer buttons to click for a basic activity. In short terms, we made the sales representatives who use Zimplu to work more efficiently, to waste less time for each contact and, in the end, to make more calls or send more emails every day.

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You just started your business, and your biggest concern right now is to find customers to sell your products or services to. There are probably thousands of prospects to call, emails to send and lots of things to keep track of.


As a startup business it's easy to handle all the information, but can you keep it all whole and safe for when you grow big?

Now it’s the perfect time to prepare for later challenges. Until you become a significant company on the market, you’ll gather stories about every prospect you get in contact with, and you'll learn what their needs and opinions are. You must secure all this information, or you'll lose it in a couple of years. And then, what if you'll want to continue the conversation with prospects you already met?

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You had tons of meetings regarding expanding your business and the board finally decided you need more sales representatives to cover the market. Hiring a new salesperson is good, but most of the companies don't see the results they were expecting. Are you confident the new employee will adapt to your business?

5 steps after you hire

Hiring a new salesperson is great, but most of the companies don't see the results they were expecting to see, and most of the time they blame the employee for not being able to adapt to their business. But how often are the employers right?

Before you decide to start hiring and schedule interviews, you should establish a clear process for the new salespeople to get him to the same level with your other colleagues. Treating this process with maximum importance is what will capitalize your recruiting investments and efforts, not to mention the time you invested.

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Each day brings us closer to the reality imagined by Hanna-Barbera for the animated characters from the Jetsons family who can do anything by just pressing a button.

CeBIT 2014

When surrounded objects are endowed with artificial intelligence and can solve problems without requiring our constant attention, we only have to focus on essential tasks and become more efficient. CeBIT 2014 (March 10 to 14, Hannover, Germany), the largest trade fair in the field of IT, has brought to the public this year's innovations which seem to emerge from the world of science fiction:

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