Whether you are starting a new business or trying to grow a small, existing one, the first thing you should do is organize everything about it. Have your customer database in order, know exactly what your sales team is doing and what partners you have beside you. All of these are not simple tasks when you begin gaining more and more customers.

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And no, an Excel sheet is not the optimal solution for organizing. After that exact phrase comes the CRM. I believe you already know what a Customer Relationship Management solution is. And if you do not, all the information you need about it is this: a CRM is a software solution that can organize your entire activity occupying less space than an agenda and containing more information you can be ever in close in the Office Package.

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How many of you had any idea of starting your own business till at least high school? And how many of you followed that dream? Not many, for sure.

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The fact that children thought so rarely about being entrepreneurs was also the drive of American Girl company to create a doll that can teach children the basic notions of starting their own business and transform their dreams into reality.

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Establishing a circle of loyalty between you and your client can take a lot of effort, but focusing on the right factors can make this journey easier and faster. Here you have the main ingredients of a healthy, long-lasting B2B relationship.

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1. Display of generous attitude

Being generous with your clients not only proves that you are interested in their business’s growth and their interests but also touches their heart. That is the key ingredient when any business person decides to stick with a partner even when times are tough. Think about the relationship analogy: the proof of positive feelings must be constant and thoughtful for your bond to last longer and be fruitful.

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A sales pipeline is a must know for any sales rep and many sales departments use this formula daily and successfully to sign more customers. Each client goes through an initial contact, followed by a qualification step that decides the opportunity of a further meeting. If the meeting happens, the business proposal and closing the deal come after. The last step is the beginning of a new process: the after sales services.

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What is the secret ingredient that will make it work?

Even if sales departments respect the process described above, some of them still meet efficiency problems. This usually happens because all stages of the sales pipeline are handled by the same people, who could be handling even the administrative tasks like billing or debit recovering.

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Most of the sales departments rely on the activity report sales agents send every day, week or month. It is a control measure, a way to know if the salespersons are doing their job and if they are doing it right. However, sellers hate this. Who would like to fill a spreadsheet every day with all the phone calls he made, meetings and discussions? It is unproductive, the salesperson would argue, while the sales managers accept that this is time-consuming, but the only way to control their department.

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We, at Zimplu CRM, know how much sales people hate to fill "unnecessary" documents, that's why we made a little upgrade to our Sales Activity Report and included all the details a user wrote a note or a task. This way managers know not only that their employees are active but each detail of every discussion their employees had with prospects/clients.

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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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