We are talking all the time about productivity and the success of business, but what does a productive hour mean? Regarding business, a productive period is defined when it provides profit, more precisely when it adds value to your activity. It is always about a race against time and we have to find the best strategies to have advantages. Every moment the salespeople are working, they are trying to find new opportunities to achieve more contracts. Closing more deals means that they are productive, but what is the secret behind all of these? We should remind the fact that the productivity of a person depends on the schedule that they are imposing or the way they are juggling with their tasks. On the other hand, the priorities are firmly associated with the strategy chosen by every salesperson.




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Everyone talks about strategy and how this can influence the progress of the company in better or worse. The approach differs from company to company, trying to reflect the values and the objectives that each one wants to communicate. First of all, the company has to focus the attention on the peculiar feature that differentiates it from the others. Finding that specific attributes makes your job easier because the customers will recognize you from the big crowd: the competition.

The strategy has a major role: keep the competition away! It is worth to remind that a long term strategy works better than a short time one because it is better to plan your further company’s actions, despite the fact that are always expected immediate results.

Here is some piece of advice that can help you to build a suitable strategy for your business:



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Being busy is the main occupation of our era. Job descriptions get extended progressively, and we have trouble remembering all the tasks that we must complete daily. We are surrounded by tons of information, and it is actually important to have it available in the same place: recorded in a CRM application!



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You want to develop a long-term relationship with your customers, don’t you? Then, it is essential to learn how to adjust the services you deliver to satisfy their needs. No matter what kind of products you are selling, the most important are the quality perceived by your clients and how you make them feel during the whole sales process.


Attract costumers


Let’s see the five steps to building a connection with your customers:

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We recently launched a new feature for Zimplu CRM that will generate quotes in PDF and will reduce the time spent to create them by at least 70%. Also, the quotes will be more elegant, and everybody will use the same template, making your company look professional in front of your customers.

laptop work

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