We decided to make a change in the Plans and Pricing which we believe will fit the needs of our customers better. Some may consider this as an advantage, and some may take into account it a disadvantage, but when we usually make a change, we are looking to satisfy the general needs of the companies who use Zimplu CRM.

Modify your plan


We thought a lot about this change, and we are sure that most of you will be happy with the new Plans and Pricing list. There has also been a lot of effort in making the payment method easy to use and to correctly match PayPal, and taxes like VAT.


Zimplu CRM
Plans and Pricing













What is the significant difference?
As you can see in the image above, the Subscription has changed from paying for every user, every month, to paying an amount for up to 10 users and Storage Space.
We have also received a lot of requests to offer a price per year, as companies consider this a long-term investment, and they want a lower price if they decide to stay longer. That is why we now have a Prepaid option for Companies who want pay for the whole year, which brings benefits like having 2 Months for Free.

Right now you can see the Plans and Pricing changes by selecting Plans and Billing option from the Settings section of your account.

As for the future, we are looking forward to adding more payment options besides PayPal.

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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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