You just received a lead from the Marketing Department, you called, you met the prospect, and everything went well. In the end, you signed the contract, and the new customer seems happy.

Of course you wrote all the discussions in Zimplu CRM, and all the history is there for you and others to see.

But what do you do now?

Every contract we sign has an expiration date, and the customer you just signed today must be happy after 1 or 2 years when he has to decide again. Zimplu CRM tasks help a lot to remind you to call contacts, send emails or any other activities you or your co-workers need to do. This feature will tell you when you're getting close to the contract expiration date, and it helps you make sure your customer stays yours.

Your staying in touch strategy

One of the biggest mistakes a salesperson can make is focusing too much on gaining new leads, new customers and completely forget about their existing clients. You always hear that acquiring one new client is ten times more expensive than keeping a current customer, don't make that mistake, keep your customers close, find out what they think, how happy they are, and imperative, see if other competitors approached them.

Make sure you think about a "staying in touch strategy" for your customers, add a task to make a call after two weeks, another one after three months, another one after nine months, and of course, a few weeks before the contract expiration date. Don't assume your customers are doing well, make sure of that, and never let your client feel like he was just another one buying from you.

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Zimplu is the uncomplicated CRM solution used by sales, customer support and marketing departments.


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