We had this in mind for a long time, and now it is finally ready! We implemented the advanced filtering option in Zimplu CRM which will help you sort your companies, opportunities, contacts, and support tickets using custom conditions.


Imagine having the option to filter your companies by the number of employees, location, revenue, or domain at the same time with the possibility to export your data to a spreadsheet where you can create custom charts for your filtered database or send emails to the selected companies.

Filtering can be done at the most advanced level for any of your existing fields, including custom fields. Filters can be created by any user, each filter you create specific to your user account, and the filters you create for one account will not be available for the rest of your users.

How to Create Filters in Zimplu CRM?

Start by clicking the filter button on the top right corner to create a filter.



After you click on create the filter, a new window will pop up where you can add as many conditions as you wish for the existing columns (don't forget about the Filter Name).


When you are done, click the Save button, and then you may select your filter from the Filter List on the top right corner. Choosing a filter will apply all its conditions to your list.