When you aren't able to finish a task or when you forget to do something important, the first thing that comes to your mind is that you are too busy. But this may be just a poor excuse for not structuring your activity well enough.

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Having sufficient time to complete and cross off your list everything you've written there is a matter of priorities and time management. Maybe you're not so busy, but you need a better strategy for managing your tasks at the office and also your personal life. You have to keep a balance between the two.

Being busy is a status

The state of being busy has somehow become a badge of honor. If you don't seem busy, you may not be considered a hard working employee or a famous person. However, if you are working without a break to complete your to-do list, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are productive. The results from a recent study led by David Meyer from the University of Michigan showed that switching what you are doing in the middle of a task increases the time it takes to finish both tasks by 25%.

Choose priorities

Your brain cannot focus on two things at once. To be more productive, you must prioritize your to-do list. Decide which is your most important task for the day and start working on it. Finish what you started, and then get to your next task. At the end of the day, luckily you will have completed everything on the list or at least the main activities.

Schedule your day/ week/ month

Plan ahead to become more productive. We believe that no one should live and work without using at least a to-do list and a calendar. These tools can be successfully replaced by a CRM application, like Zimplu CRM, that keeps all the data organized in one place and allows you to schedule your tasks and set notifications for the day when they must be completed.

Avoid procrastinating

According to the researchers, people tend to procrastinate the tasks they perceive as difficult to accomplish. Using the time to do stuff that isn't urgent or important, shows that you are not that busy, in fact. For example, if you keep answering insignificant emails while you should be working on a big project, then you are just procrastinating.


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