You received an invitation to participate as an exhibitor at a fair, and you must decide whether this is an opportunity or simply a waste of time and money. Below you will find some ideas that we gathered during years of attending such events.


To be or not to be an exhibitor?


The sales exhibitions and the trade fairs are strong marketing tools, and you can choose to attend as many as you like, but make sure that the benefits you'll get have a value that is at least equal to the participation tax.

If you attend exhibits that are suited for your particular activity, you have better chances to see a return on your investment and of course, to reach your marketing objectives

1.Grow the notoriety of the brand

People link a product's image to the notoriety and the amplitude of the chosen sales exhibition. The placing of your booth at the exhibit is also important. A high visibility spot will make your brand name seem more important and valuable. Also, keep your promotional materials as simple as you can.

2.Get visibility in mass media, for free

The daily events are of high interest to the general public, so journalists always write about them. You could obtain free advertising for your products or services if you get to convince journalists about their importance.

It's not uncommon for some niche publication to mention in their articles your presence at the sales exhibition. You could send a press release, organize a press conference or a product testing to get more attention from the media.

3.Study the competition

The sales exhibitions are a great environment to observe and to find out more about the market. You have the opportunity to see what's new with your competition. You could visit competitors' booths to see what they have to offers or to test the new products they've launched.

Remember that selling your products is not your only purpose at the exhibit. You should spend some time seeking for Partners that could bring more value to your Business.

Attending an exhibit is an excellent opportunity to collect information about people that may be interested in what you have to offer.

Exhibitor or Guest?

If you have a small budget, and you don't hope to recover the investment, attend the exhibit as a guest. You will still be able to study the competition, to seek possible partners, to promote your business and to create a contact list.

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