The key to building a system of referrals is the feedback received from your clients. It’s the most valuable asset that can lead you to choose the suitable ones to talk about the advantages of the product they use.

Because they used the product or service for a while, they can guarantee benefits and, of course, they can tell people about the ups and downs. Overall, the individuals that make referrals are the ones that were satisfied with the services and products delivered.

Chain of referrals

The advantage of referrals

Nurturing a long term and realiable relationship with your clients will help you avoid communication problems and build a strong correlation that undoubtedly will generate referrals. When a customer is willing to recommend you, the good thing is that you don’t have to move a finger to promote your product. People will take the initiative and contact you, because they rely more on recommendations that come from their friends or business partners they trust, instead of marketing campaigns directed by faceless companies.

The mere fact that the client is explaining to the referral the characteristics that helped him the most is truly important because this way the benefits of the product are highlighted.

When is a proper time to ask for referrals?

According to our colleagues in the sales department, the appropriate moment is when the client declares himself satisfied with the services you offered. Usually, the salespersons feel when it’s the perfect time to ask the customer to recommend their products.

Preparing another answer instead of “thanks” when the customer expresses his satisfaction is the first step of obtaining a referral from him. When a chance like this comes up, the salesman should say something like: “ If you consider that our services satisfy other business people needs, you should recommend us further“.

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