Do you ever wonder what happens when a salesperson heads towards a meeting with a (possible) client? What funny stories does he experience starting from the moment he leaves the office until arriving back?


He could meet a few impediments on the field

A sales agent will always be on the move and will face different situations, some of them not very pleasant. From our colleagues’ experience, we know that the most common misfortune is a meeting that is cancelled or postponed at the last minute. Nothing is more annoying than driving halfway to the client’s headquarters and returning to the office. The time spent on the road cannot be recovered; therefore, the salesperson must work harder to win more deals and get his monthly bonus.

Severe weather conditions, traffic jams and misleading reference points indicated by people are also sticks in the wheels for sales agents. Sometimes, they laugh remembering bittersweet moments, like locking their car keys in the car or arriving at a meeting point in the middle of nowhere and seeing just a trailer. Even if the trailer wasn’t a suitable place for a business meeting, our colleague appreciated the client, who was welcoming and interested in our products.


But also impediments at the office

There are small things that can interfere with the activity of a salesperson: power cuts that last for hours, disconnected internet or the noise coming from a drill that makes conversations over the phone with the clients challenging. Also, the lack of communication between colleagues can affect the process of solving clients’ problems, and in the long term, the relationship with them.

The unexpected visitors represent another impediment for the salesperson. Like those customers who come unannounced at the office and want to see a particular feature of a product. The salesperson must make a demo of how the product works, but he isn’t prepared for it and, of course, it is not his fault. All the visits should be announced. It’s a simple method to prevent wasting time for both the salesperson and the client.

In conclusion, the salesperson should be prepared for any unusual situation that may come up and face it appropriately and professionally.

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