Promoting the right people in leadership positions will help you increase sales and your power as a brand. Besides business “know how”, let’s see what other qualities you should look for when entrusting someone to guide a group of people in your company.


Communicative skills

The most important quality that a leader should have is, probably, the ability to communicate naturally so that everybody will understand. Leaders have to explain what they want, and how they want it. Uncomplicated instructions will help employees do their jobs better and faster.

Also, giving feedback to the team after the work gets done should be mandatory. If they did well, they should be encouraged to work in the same way on future projects. On the other hand, if the results were not the ones expected, the leader should explain clearly, in a constructive manner, which were the issues and how to avoid them from now on.


Coordinative skills

Employees should follow their leaders because they want to, and not because they are forced to. Respect cannot be imposed, and leaders should act as role models, gaining people's appreciation by working as hard as them (or even harder). Of course, coordinating a team efficiently means they have to know which are the strengths and weaknesses of each employee. By knowing their team members better, they will be able to assign tasks fairly.

When unpleasant situations happen, and employees have trouble working together, the leaders must find an effective way to rebuild a collaborative relationship at the workplace. They should always get involved to make things work, instead of being impassive. Sometimes, problems fix themselves, but sometimes they don’t.



Leaders have to know how to set limits between the private life and the professional one. For example, if they develop a friendship at work, they must keep in mind not to overvalue a proposal, just because it comes from their friend. They must take into account all ideas generated by the team, and pick the best one.

Also, leaders may not like how a colleague looks, dresses, talks or acts in different situations. But that’s not a reason to block their contribution to the company’s development. Appearance is not relevant for a person’s intellectual abilities, and a real leader should know that.

Let’s not forget the employees that will do anything to flatter the head: from throwing in some compliments, to making coffee and even working overtime. Those employees think they can achieve more at work, but it’s never a good decision to make favours in response to these small gifts.

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