The purpose of every call is generating new clients and selling them what they need, according to their requirements. The job of a telesales person is not complete until having effective and quantifiable results. Therefore, they should have in mind the following tips and tricks:



Share an experience, not a product

In a conversation between a salesperson and a potential client, the tone of voice must be neutral. The client should feel like he is talking to a friend about a particular topic, and not to a sales agent who is trying to sell him something. The discussion must lead the clients to the product or service that can satisfy their needs in a flexible manner and, as much as possible, offer a pleasant experience.

Always smile

Did you know that the persons who you are calling can sense if smiling or when you are upset? Even though they can’t see you, they can feel it in your voice. Our advice is always to smile when you are talking on the phone. This way, it’s easier to make people feel more comfortable when they are discussing to you, a sales agent, but a stranger.

Speak slowly and clearly

When you try to persuade the persons that reach the phone by making a presentation about some product or service, there is no better rule than speaking slowly and clearly. This way, they will have enough time to analyze the information and make right decisions. Offering the right information in the right way is the first step of the beginning of a new business relationship.

Always listen to the client

Whenever you call potential customers, look carefully and find out about their needs. Every word they say offers you a clue about what they want to purchase. So, your job is to listen and come up with a way to satisfy their necessities. For example, if you are selling a pencil and the person you called wanted a pen, you must be frank and accept that he or she definitely won’t be a future client.

Have alternatives

It is important to let the client guide the conversation. You have to be prepared anytime for further questions and for explanations of any characteristics of the product or service you are selling. A telesales agent has to know how to answer any issues that may come up and how to offer alternatives to the customer.

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