If it happens that your employees are not productive at the office, maybe the reason of this situation has nothing to do with their behavior during the program. It can be caused by the way in which management strategy is implemented by the company.

But why should we take into consideration the managers in terms of strategy management to avoid lowering employees’ productivity? Which are the aspects that the managers have to take them into account in terms of strategic management approach to avoid lowering employees’ productivity?


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As a manager, you have to be aware of everything that happens in the company; you have to coordinate and evaluate the projects on the way, and not just at the end when it could be too late. The lack of a well-informed leader, who has a clear vision and who can lead employees to accomplish goals is the main reason why so many companies evolve with the handbrake on and fail to form a team which is loyal and competent.  

A study that was conducted by IRES (The Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy) between the 1st and the 8th of April 2016 shows that if they left the company they work for, 35% of the Romanian employees would miss their colleagues and only 26% would miss their activity.



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Do you remember the college years when you used to postpone studying for exams until the day before? This kind of attitude can be seen at employees too when they delay starting work on a project because they are too busy doing other unproductive stuff.

Procrastination is a natural, emotional human reaction. Even if we trained ourselves to pass over this problem, there are days when we feel too lazy to start a new project.


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Every year, the organizers of CeBIT are choosing a particular theme for emphasizing the most important technology trends from the digital industry. This year, they decided that is suitable to focus their attention on digitalization, following the motto: "d!conomy: join – create – succeed."

Like the previous editions, the sales exhibition point out prominent names from the IT industry that bring improvements or new solutions for the business models. The innovation is the key word that moves us forward in the area of professionals, and at CeBIT, that was the principal factor that makes us remarkable.

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Did you notice that some people fail to deliver, at the end of the day, the results that you expect? Some of them work hours in a row without getting up from their chair and they even do overtime. Maybe you should think about a new way of organizing their activity, to increase the team's productivity. 

It is important to understand why not everybody in your company has the same results. Maybe some people's jobs aren't well organized, or the tasks that they must complete are not suited to their professional training.


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Enigma is a software solution that provides a full perspective on how employees use their computers at work.


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