When we talk about the fuel consumption, this is a matter which is a financial stress for companies.

Given that the technology increased, the companies can relief this stress by investing in different GPS system. Such a monitoring system can helps the companies to manage the activity fleet in a professional way. By using this technology, the companies can start monitoring the position of cars in real time, the driving style adopted by drivers, routes or deviations from the route.


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The antitheft systems are an option, but we do not know certainly which is more efficient. We can joke about it, telling that it depends on the ability of the thief. Consequently, if your car disappears from the parking lot, it is recommended to have a backup plan to avoid being stolen.

A solution may be the insurance for recovering the costs of the car, but the procedure is a way too complicated and it can be denied in some cases. An alternative that will help you to recover fast the stolen car is installing the GPS equipment, that will send any moment where the car is.


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Of course, we’re not talking about building real borders, we are referring to geofencing - a modern technology adopted by more and more fleet managers, who use it to monitor their areas of interest (the office, customers’ headquarters, safe or dangerous zones, areas where the access is allowed or not, etc.)


This technology uses the GPS system to surround space virtually and to monitor when something or someone gets in or out.

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As the business relationships between European countries develop, more and more companies enlarge the number of employees who must drive abroad for work purposes.

highway image

You and your drivers should have reliable information about the road legislation and safety measures that apply in each of the states you pass through, to travel without problems and arrive at destination safely. Although the regulations are similar in the proportion of 90% across the European Union, the few differences could cause you unpleasant surprises.

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There are many advantages for the startups that give up transportation by car. Firstly, bicycles are more affordable, don’t consume fuel and the maintenance costs are low. Furthermore, these businesses gain the public’s appreciation, because they promote an active life and a mean of transportation that is environmentally friendly.

imagine biciclete

A growing number of young entrepreneurs see that bicycles are an opportunity to do business and don’t hesitate to put their ideas into practice. Whether they offer delivery services, advertising services, they collect waste paper, or simply sell ice cream and juices, many companies in Romania choose to operate on two wheels.

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