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Zimplu CRM is a competitive application for customer relationship management that helps sales, customer support, or marketing departments to organize their client database and daily tasks better. All the information is available in a single, secure place, which is accessible to all the members of a team who are authorized. Also, keeping track of the progress and accomplishments will be no trouble, due to the complex reports available.


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Enigma is a software solution that provides a full perspective on how employees use their computers at work. Every second, the application records which web page or computer application is running on the monitored device, and generates detailed productivity reports. With our application, you can analyze employees' behavior online, and establish a set of rules to eliminate downtime and raise performance and productivity in your Company.


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Nexus GPS Tracking is the last generation solution for fleet management, proven to increase productivity and reduce consumption. By implementing our modern technological equipment on their fleet, companies can monitor their vehicles' position on the map, measure fuel consumption, speed or idling times, set alarms and visualize reports. All the information can be accessed in real time on the Nexus GPS Tracking interface.


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Companies can now use the GPS Tracking technology to monitor the activity of their teams in the field. Nexus Locator is an Android application that can be easily installed on smartphones, or on other mobile devices carried around by individuals who operate outside the office. Its functionalities include position tracking, instant messaging, time sheet and more, which make it a useful tool for managing team's activity.


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