Short history…

Nexus Electronics started out in 2006 with a simple idea that gradually took shape and grew consistently bigger. Before we knew it, we’ve been able to help thousands of clients significantly reduce the operating costs of their fleet and find the best workflow.

Sixteen years later, our mission continues – helping our partners streamline and automate their businesses using top quality services.

Our vision is to become the most beloved software company in our country, and although not an easy feat, in the world.

Our values have always been simplicity, efficiency and a job well done.

Currently in our portofolio:

  • Nexus GPS Tracking – the GPS monitoring system for fleet vehicles;
  • Nexus Driver – the smartphone app that connects fleet managers with the field teams;
  • Zimplu CRM – the customer relationship management software for any sales-oriented business;
  • Modullus – the simple solution for integrating and interconnecting business software.

Choose the best service for your business and we will offer you full support in reaching and maintaining long-term success.

Our team:

Florin Subțirică, CEO
Dacian Matache, Sales Director
Adrian Mogoșanu, Sales Director
Constantin Iancu, Technical Department Chief
Daniela Matache, Financial Manager
Robert Miloș, Product Manager
Victor Vasile, Technical Support Operator
Daniel Manciu, Technical Support Operator
Cristina Măgărita, Client Service Support